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15 Chic ways to carry around a coloured bag to stand out in crowd

Warm colours unite in this red-tastic ensemble. When you need a little somethin’-somethin’ to spruce up a drab or dull outfit, you can always turn to accessories. And what better way to make a statement than by carrying around a bag in a unique shade of, say, orange? Or blue? Or red? Or pink? Brightly coloured handbags and clutches can really bring some life and spice to an ensemble. If you’re rocking the monochrome black-and-white trend and want to add an extra eye-catching element to your outfit — bam! — a fiery red bag will make a huge statement. If you’ve decided to go with dark greys and neutral shades for the office today and need to feel a little more “fashionable”, no problem — grab your cheery yellow bag and strut into the city feeling confident. Need some inspiration from street style gurus on the best ways to carry around a coloured bag ? Head up to the gallery to get started.

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