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He had decades of flying experience and an "impeccable safety record", according to the website of charter company Corporate and Leisure Aviation, which he owned with his wife. Image copyright Reuters Image caption Several cars were torched by ผ้า นวม สี พื้น the fireball Image copyright Getty Images Image caption A huge cloud of smoke could be seen from the nearby airport Essendon Airport, mostly used by light planes, is about 13km (8 miles) north-west of central Melbourne. It has been closed, but the city's main hubs for commercial air traffic - Melbourne Airport and Avalon Airport - remain open. Chaotic aftermath The crash sent black smoke high into the air and ignited a blaze that required more than 60 firefighters to bring under control. Police shut the adjacent Tullamarine Freeway after witnesses spotted debris from the plane including a wheel on the road. The area around the shops was evacuated, and three nearby schools were closed. Video showed thick smoke and fire at the wreckage scene. Image copyright Reuters Image caption An aircraft wheel could be seen lying on the road by the crash site "Immediately I could tell it was something horrific, the explosion would have gone 30m [100ft] high and ballooned upwards in red and black," witness Mikey Cahill told the Herald Sun. Another witness, Daniel May, said he was waiting for the shopping centre to open when the plane came down. "There was an orange explosion and then smoke," he told The Age.

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