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Where does the presidential campaign take place? The next president will likely be chosen by the voters of fewer than a dozen states, where almost all the actual campaigning occurs. You wont generally see candidates on the trail in reliably Democratic Oregon or solidly Republican South Carolina. Nor in New York, where the

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two candidates headquarters face each other across the East River Trumps in his signature Midtown tower, Clintons in a Brooklyn office building. New York is also one of the few places where the candidates (or their surrogates) face off in real time, in the studios of the morning talk and evening news shows. But the campaign is just the epiphenomenon of an election that takes place in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and whose effects will be felt all over the world. As they made their case to the voters, candidates, trailing their caravans of reporters, touched down in Laredo, Texas, to inspect the U.S.-Mexican border; Flint, Mich., to show solidarity with the children poisoned by lead-tainted drinking water; and Manchester, N.H., one of the cities hardest hit by the epidemic of opioid and heroin addiction. Other places, not even all of them in the United States, figured prominently in the narrative of the campaign, usually as symbols of the intractable problems the next president will face: San Bernardino, Calif., and Orlando, Fla., the venues for mass shootings by ISIS-inspired terrorists; Youngstown, Ohio and Indianapolis, where the globalized economy has displaced industry and manufacturing jobs; Baton Rouge, La., and Chicago, where almost all the varieties of (nonterroristic) violence were on horrifying display gang shootouts that leave children wounded or dead; police shootings that fuel the anger behind the Black Lives Matter movement and retaliatory attacks on police that leave communities devastated. Aleppo, Syria, where a brutal civil war grinds on,

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seemingly endlessly, claiming Americas attention for a news cycle or two when a particularly gruesome image surfaces, then retreating so far out of mind that one presidential candidate seemed to forget it existed. And, to provide some balance, Burlington, Vt., the home of Ben & Jerrys ice cream, where Bernie Sanders got his political start.

In other words, if a prospective employee tests positive for marijuana, that employer will ignore the results, he said. But thats not the case with the majority of his clients, Bates said. He works closely with manufacturers and the warehousing industry, and those industries arent willing to rule out pot as a nonhire decision point, he said. As a result, the Express Employment office in Olympia has a poster in the lobby

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making clear that the office tests for marijuana. Some companies are giving promising candidates more than one try at passing a drug test, said Linda Nguyen, CEO of WorkForce Central in Tacoma. WorkForce Central itself has not been tracking the number of applicants testing positive for marijuana. Our information is based on our current experience compared to historical experience and what we are hearing from our employers, said Nguyen via email. At least one area employer is passing along the costs of drug tests, typically up to $50, to job seekers, Nguyen said, though she declined to name the company. A different company requires a short list of candidates to pass a drug test before conducting interviews and selecting a finalist, said Ellie Chambers Grady, director of business services and sector strategies for WorkForce Central. Lora Butterfield, executive director of the Fife, Milton, Edgewood Chamber of Commerce, sent an informal poll this year to several of her chambers members.

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