The airline has currently rolled this program out in 84 cities nationwide, meaning you can now watch your luggage get left behind in real time. Delta is the first airline to roll out a program like this. Scanners along the journey will track a bags movement, and then send the location information to the passengers app. The future feels bleak at times, like things are getting worse. Really, things have always been bad; war and injustice and hatred is perennial, and the past was far worse than the present. The internet simplygives us the resources to see all the badness around us. Theres more information available, ขาย กระเป๋า เป้ news spreads fast, communication is too convenient. We become acutely aware of so much badness แบบ กระเป๋า แฟชั่น the instant it happens. Anyways thats what I imagine Id be theoretically thinking aboutif my flight took off, and I got to watch my luggage get left behind, soaring into the abyss.

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