"For a variety of reasons, the Saudi's have tightened the spigotsin the Middle East, so we are seeing the price of oil go up. We were projecting an $8 billion shortfall. I am hoping that is going to be closer to $2 billion. In a $220 billion budget, that is something we can deal with. Should anyone go in there and expect us to hand out money freely?No. We are very tight-fisted." A Battle overschool finance could also grab headlines from the state capital. Back in May, the Texas Supreme Court ruled the controversial Robin Hood system was constitutional but could use improvement. Both East Texas law makers agree something will get done.

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Picture taken on December 27, 2016. News1 via REUTERS 2/4 left right Thae Yong-ho, the former North Korean deputy ambassador to London, reacts during a news conference at the Government Complex in Seoul, South Korea, December 27, 2016. Picture taken on December 27, 2016. News1 via REUTERS 3/4 left right A customer watches TV sets broadcasting a news report on Thae Yong Ho, North Korea's deputy ambassador in London, who has defected with his family to South Korea, in Seoul, South Korea, August 18, 2016. REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji 4/4 By James Pearson | SEOUL SEOUL South Korea's newest celebrity took an unusual route to the nation's TV screens - years spent working his way up through the ranks of North Korea's diplomatic corps, followed by months secluded in the custody of the rival South's spy agency. Since his release Thae Yong Ho, the former North Korean deputy ambassador to London, has spent the first week of the new year speaking on South Korean variety shows, joking with fellow defectors and espousing South Korea's line that the North Korean government he once defended is unstable and doomed to fail. In a further propaganda coup for Seoul, the gregarious Thae, newly granted South Korean citizenship following his high-profile August defection, is embracing life in the capitalist South as a public figure. On a talk show called "Now On My Way to Meet You", which features young, usually female, defectors from the isolated North, a video interview between Thae and a panelist was introduced as a chat with the "British gentleman-like Thae Yong Ho". The 54-year-old Thae spoke of some of his motivations for switching sides between rivals that remain technically at war since the 1950-53 Korean war ended in a truce, not a peace treaty. "On the day we left the embassy and stepped outside, I told my children, from this moment on, as a father, I am breaking you free from your shackles," Thae said on another show. "Now it's up to you".