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If we fail to do this, it will make us less competitive than our European counterparts." Image caption The government is also consulting on a fund for work to A-roads The news came as the government launched a separate consultation to find out which A-roads in England needed cash to bring them up to scratch. The Department for Transport announced funding in the summer to rejuvenate the road network, but is now asking councils to apply for up to £100m per road. Priority will go to road widening projects on dual carriageways, improving road safety measure and major junction improvements. About 5,000 miles of A-roads across the country will be eligible for the multi-billion pound funding pot to improve the nation's strategic road network. The consultation will last for 12 weeks, but Mr Grayling said he hoped plans to start development next year and building work to start within three years. "We've been spending a lot of online shopping sites for electronics money recently on the motorways and big dual carriageways," he said. "What we have not been doing is online shopping sites for electronics sorting out the next tier down. "This [consultation] is all about medium-sized towns on those A-roads that have got clogged up centres, that have got lorries waiting at traffic lights, that have got pollution in the centre. "It's about time we started to build those bypasses, improve those roads, add extra stretches of dual carriageway and focus on the next tier down of roads." Motorists in the UK drove 324 billion miles in 2016 - up 2.2% on the previous year - but AA spokesman Luke Bosdet said many drivers suffered a "daily nightmare" at notorious pinch points. As a result, he said improvements to ease traffic flow were "very welcome". RAC director of motoring Steve Gooding said: "For many businesses an economically important major road is the one that runs right up to the factory gate.

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