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Fifty-thousand coins have been released into local circulation in the ski resort of Les Diablerets, each engraved with an image of the existing cable car's gondola-style cabins, reports . The currency has been เสื้อคู่ union mall named the Isenau, after the ski area above the village that's reached by the ageing lift. It's an initiative launched by the Foundation for the Defence of Isenau's Interests, which hopes it will raise 250,000 Swiss Francs to help fund the cable car project. The coins will only be in use for a limited time, though; they were first released in December and will be valid in local shops and restaurants until the end of April. It's part of a long-term battle to keep the Isenau ski area going after a loss of funding from the regional authorities, the website explains. Foundation member Jean-Marie Schlaubitz says the ski area is "economically vital for the community" as it helps to fill the local hotel and sustain a ski school. He says the temporary currency is galvanising residents, particularly young people who "have realised they need to invest energy to save their future". Alternative currencies are also popping up in other Swiss communities that want to keep money circulating locally. But while it's tolerated in some countries - including the UK - others clamp down on such attempts.

Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Women celebrate religious freedom on World Hijab Day The Daily Dot 5 hrs ago Jaya Saxena In Pictures: World Hijab Day Today is the fifth annual World Hijab Day , a day that celebrates a womans choice to wear what she wants. Founded by Nazma Khan, it asks global citizens of all faiths to observe hijab (head covering) for a day in solidarity with Muslim women worldwide. And, of course, there are photos and selfies to prove it. Holly Dobson (@MsHDobson) February 1, 2017 get you a mans who hypes you up and supports everything you stand for #worldhijabday Twinnie's birthday (@ddanfakha4) February 1, 2017 My hijab is my freedom to me My hijab is my religion to me My hijab is my identity to me My hijab is my everything to me #worldhijabday Hanan (@Hanan_a_k_s) February 1, 2017 The Daily Dot has reached out to organizers of World Hijab Day about their goals and public response and will update if and when they respond. But the day takes on new meaning in the face of an American administration that has been openly hostile to people from Muslim countries, with a ban on refugees and people immigrating from Syria, Iran, Iraq,Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen. Photo via krie/Getty Images women in hijab New York State Assemblyman David Werpin said on the WHD site, With hate crimes against Muslim-Americans tripling in 2016, it is important we take this moment to stand together with our fellow Americans on World Hijab Day. Rooted in the American principles of religious freedom and liberty, the World Hijab Day movement seeks to end the discrimination and judgment that comes with wearing a hijab. In recent years, the hijab has drawn much controversy, especially by lawmakers in countries across Europe wanting to ban the head covering, citing it as a symbol of oppression. However, nearly every เสื้อ คู่ แนว ๆ ราคา ส่ง religion requires both men and women, in some fashion, to dress modestly. Some Christian and Jewish women also cover their heads as part of their practice, and there are Muslim women who choose not to cover their heads at all. As many point out, the ban on hijabs is often a strawman for racism and religious prejudice. HIJAB IN ISLAM IS A CHOICE IT IS NOT OPRESSION IT IS FREEDOM OF RELIGION YALL WILL TRY ANYTHING I SWUR

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